Wedding planning tips

All the wedding planning tips you need to plan your dream wedding, here, on our blog. Before you delve straight into our blog posts further down, here’s 10 wedding planning tips to bear in mind.

Trust your gut

Forget what you think you should be doing and do what you actually want to do. It is about you, after all. Book suppliers who make your hearts sing and ignore what your family wants (unless they’re paying of course).

Be yourselves

Our favourite wedding planning tip. Don’t feel the need to do the latest “it” thing on Instagram and Pinterest. It may look cool now but believe us, in ten years time it probably won’t. Do whatever is authentically you. Obsessed with Harry Potter? Have a Harry Potter cake. Love reading? Have Books as center pieces.

Start early

Wedding suppliers get booked up super super fast. We’d advise starting 18 months in advance, starting with your venue.

Set your budget

Stressing about money is well… stressful. You’re better off knowing sooner rather than later where you can splurge and where you should save. Sit down, work out a budget and stick with it.

Meet all your vendors in person

Even if you see a great deal online, arrange to meet them. This includes videographers! You’d be surprised at the amount of couples who don’t talk to their videographers until the wedding day (and yes, as photographers it makes our lives hard when you book a bumbling buffoon). Our best wedding planning tip is to meet everyone in person. It will give you a really clear idea of who you’ll be spending your wedding day with.

Read before you sign any contracts

We know. It’s boring but it’s really important!

Ditch the small stuff

Do you ever notice how many wedding favours get left behind at weddings? Or how many couples spend money on a guest book and then spend the whole evening reminding people to sign the guest book? Focus on the stuff that matters.

Book a celebrant

Celebrants add a certain pizzazz to your day. Registrars are fantastic people (we’ve met a few) but the ceremonies are often rushed and feel a little impersonal.

Eat something you enjoy and will remember

Pick food that you eat regularly and enjoy. Not only is this logical but also, anytime you eat that food from now on, you will think of your wedding day.

Avoid anything with a one time use

Okay so this isn’t really a wedding planning tip but it’s great for the environment! You know those cute slippers with “Bride” written on them? Avoid them. You’ll only wear them once and then they’ll go in the bin. Instead, get things with “Mrs/Mr” on them or just your names. That goes for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen too!

We hope you enjoyed our ten wedding planning tips and our blog posts below! 🙂

Wedding planning tips

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