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Small weddings

Micro wedding photographer

We’re big fans of the small but perfectly formed wedding. We’ve seen all sorts of little wedding days for all sorts of reasons. We had a small wedding ourselves and it suited us and our family perfectly. The cutest wedding we’ve been to was just us and the couple. A Vicar and a pianist turned up briefly too. It was lush and we were honoured to be the witnesses!

We’ve found tiny wedding days are often just unconventional weddings. Unconventional often means more fun and a relaxed vibe. We’re big fans and being part of something so select and VIP is a real buzz! If you’re at the planning stage, give us a shout as we may well be able to help you make sense of it all. We’ve seen just about all the variations and loads of brilliant ideas to make the day special.

Our coverage condenses to a minimum of folks arriving, the ceremony, confetti (of course) and some group shots of your folks. We’ll usually finish with some portraits of you two in your wedding gear being cute. We can extend coverage at either end of the day to suit you. If you want some pics of getting ready, no worries. We can also grab shots of your reception and speeches or dancing too.

The point here is that weddings are as individual as the couples who get married. We really enjoy being involved with the day however long and want to ensure you’ll have a photo record to look back on and love.