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Norfolk wedding photographer

Wedding photography you can feel.
Husband and wife team // Est.2013
Two photographers, one approach.

We want you and your day to feel like 'you'. No forced cheesiness, just laughs all round and an epic day. We've been shooting weddings together for over 11 years and have shot over 300 weddings. We know what makes a great wedding tick and how great photographers can influence it.

  • You want wedding photos you can 'feel'
  • You value photography but don't want your wedding to turn into a photoshoot
  • You want photographers you can have a giggle with
  • You want an experienced photography duo
  • You maybe hate having your photo taken
  • You want an epic party with all your best people

We give all of our couples an epic experience and a collection of wedding photos that really feel like 'them'. If this sounds like your jam, we can't wait to hear from you!

UK's 5th best wedding photographer.


Most kickass wedding images in the world.


Best wedding photographer in Norfolk.


Best candid wedding photo of the year.



Hello! We're Lisa & Neil.
We’ll stand on wobbly ladders, hang off speeding golf carts one handed, ninja our way through candids and lay in the middle of crowded dance floors to get you fun photography that'll make your heart and eyes smile. We want to give you pictures you'll never forget.
We're determined to give you kick - arse wedding photography.
Good vibes only.
How we work
We are unobtrusive and want you to enjoy the day as it comes. We'll photograph all the big and little moments as they happen. Literally, we'll be in two places at once. When we do need to get involved it's nothing but good vibes. Down to earth humour, banter and zero awkwardness. Our couples always say how hilarious we are 😎


'Spectacular photos'
"From the first enquiry we knew we were in great hands. Lisa and Neil are first of all a lot of fun - completely themselves, and so friendly and encouraging from the very first time we met them via Zoom. The level of communication in the run up to our wedding was excellent, with lots of helpful tips as to the flow of our day.

On the day they very quickly tuned into the atmosphere of our celebration, put our guests at ease and captured so many very special moments. They were super in directing Rosalind and I in the photos of just the two of us, and produced some properly spectacular photos. The disco ball set have been very popular with the guests!

We literally cannot recommend them highly enough - if you're thinking about hiring them then think no more - just do!"
Our style
Emotive, timeless & authentic af.
Our work has humour, chaos, emotion and fun whilst keeping it classy.

We're not editorial photographers and we're not looking to make everything look perfect. Our couples are relaxed and don't want to spend hours standing around having their picture taken whilst they miss their wedding day. They also aren’t precious about keeping dresses pristine or showing their 'ugly laugh'. They want to have the best time possible with those they love the most and that’s what their wedding photos should reflect.

Of course, we're GB team Olympic standard at group photos and we can knock out portraits with the best (see our awards).

Over the years we've discovered that every wedding has a particular energy to it and a magic all of its own. Our art is about showing you that magic.

We think photos speak for themselves so we've gathered together six real weddings for you to look at.
Our photos are the perfect balance (90/10) between documentary and posed stuff. We love documentary but if you can't have a photo of you looking epic on your wedding day then when can you?
We genuinely care. When you book us, we become part of your squad. We care about you, your family and friends and their sensitivities on the day.
We won’t make your day all about us. Our mission is to get all the photos you want and need whilst ensuring you fully enjoy your day.
We’re wedding experts. We could literally be wedding planners at this stage but we lose stationary all the time and we like our cameras too much.
We're great with camera shy peeps!
We have over 140-something reviews from folks like you who all say why you should book us. Definitely read those, they're incredible.
Really helpful wedding guides
Not sure when to invite evening guests? Stuck on wedding breakfast timings? Our handy blog will help you nail down the perfect wedding day.
If you're putting on an epic city wedding then read this blog first. It'll tell you all the awesome venue combos that work a charm.

Wedding photographer in Norfolk

For years we shot weddings in Suffolk but we’d both always wanted to get back to Norfolk. Neil was born here and has family links all the way back to Nelson. Lisa loved beach holidays here as a child. When an opportunity came up to live beside the River Ant in the Norfolk Broads...we were all over it.

Since then we’ve realised and confirmed that Norfolk is where our hearts lay. We love the Chalk streams and sandy beaches, endless skies and forests. We have Hedgehogs in our garden and a Red Kite flies over daily, it’s lush. We love Norwich too, the cutest city with the nicest folks. Whether at a comedy club or bimbling about on the River Wensum in our lifejackets, we feel at home. Whenever we shoot weddings in the city, people are so welcoming, inclusive and friendly. Our couples are treated like royalty, there’s no city like it.

There are so many good reasons why our couples choose to get married here and why we love to photograph that. If you’re planning a wedding and need to know about Norfolk wedding venues or Norwich wedding venues, click the links for our blog advice.