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The Experience
Because booking a wedding photographer is a huge effin deal.
01. Get to know us
We'll have a meeting where we'll give you the full rundown of how we work. We'll walk through your wedding day, our best tips and answer any questions that come up. We'll get to know each other, have a giggle and you'll suss out if we're the type of people you'd like to knock about with on your wedding day. When the call is done, we'll ping across some full wedding galleries. 
'From that very first meeting you could tell they were very talented and funny! From tips and tricks to Neil’s superb timeline help with planning for the wedding and mapping everything out for us! Because let’s face it wedding planning can be very stressful, but one thing is for sure these two great people will be there to help you on your big day! '
02. Getting booked in
Let us know you'd like to book and we'll get the ball rolling (after our happy dance in the kitchen). Starting with our no bullshit wedding guide, we'll then ping over your quote and contract. Super simple and we'll help you every step of the way.
03. Wedding guides and support
'Basically they never leave you hanging, they always make sure they’re as invested in your day as you are and you truly feel that.'
We'll keep in touch! Expect tons of helpful advice, tips and tricks emailed to you. If you get stuck with anything you can ping us at any time and we're always happy to jump on a call. We're on your team!

Two months before your wedding we'll send over a questionnaire asking for all the details which we'll go over in a meeting with you both. Excitingggg!
04. Your wedding

We'll roll up in our wedding wagon and do our thing. We split up in the morning so both sides of the story are covered. We won't do anything that'll get on anyone's tits, we promise. We'll blend in, chat away and calm any nerves all whilst capturing anything and everything going on.

'It made such a difference having two people with us as it meant we had pictures of both of us getting ready and had multiple perspectives. They had really infectious personalities and got everyone involved.'

We'll shoot the rest of your wedding with the same chilled vibes, humour and step up when we need to without taking over.


'Lisa & Neil’s work is incredible, they captured every special moment, every detail, every emotion from our big day. We felt as though we relived the day when we looked through our online gallery and they even captured moments that we missed.

I was adamant my partner and I would be the most awkward people ever in front of the camera because we don’t often have our photo taken. But Lisa & Neil just made the whole experience SO FUN that we actually had the best time having our portraits done! I know everyone says it but it really was like having a couple of friends taking photos of us.

If you are lucky enough to be a position where you are considering booking Lisa & Neil for your wedding - do it immediately! I guarantee it will be the best money you spend for your wedding. If not, feel free to hold me personally responsible!'
05. Your photos are ready

One to two weeks after your wedding (yep, we did say one to two weeks haha) you'll receive a link to your online gallery. From here you'll have unlimited downloads and can share the link with whoever you want. You'll have access to an epic online print store which is affordably priced (we don't take the piss with print costs). 

"Every single photo is incredible."

'The photos. Just wow. They were an amazing combination of artistic and dramatic; traditional wedding portraits; and beautiful candid shots. The photos came back inside a week, which was incredible. When I posted them on social media my friends were blown away.'
'Our photos are stunning, as we looked through them we relived our wedding day and I have already looked through them at least 10 times now and each time I do I still get that feeling. I can't help but smile and get teary just feeling all of the emotions I felt on the day and I know that my other half feels exactly the same way.'