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Wedding experts – Floral Sistas

We love flowers, honestly, Neil is a bit of a gardner on the quiet and spends lots of time mucking about outside helping stuff grow… but we’ve always been a bit neutral about wedding flowers. They’ve always seemed a bit ‘backgroundey’ in our view and sometimes just got in the way of the smiles and speeches!

Since we’ve moved to our corner of Norfolk though we’d started to notice at a few weddings, some more striking and quirky floristry. Stuff that added atmosphere and seemed more tuned to the vibe of wedding days. It became clear after a while that this was due to the floral and styling wizardry of the team at Floral Sistas.

Based just 20 minutes from us, the Floral Sistas vibe is very fresh and innovative but their busy family team have been developing their crafts for over 15 years. We were lucky enough to grab a moment with one of ‘The Sistahood’, Megan who gives us an expert view of her world.

Floral Sistas, please introduce yourselves.

We are a family run business with over 15 years of experience, our team consists of Megan and Michelle (sisters), Oonah (Mum), Natalie and Clare and then of course our Dad Kevin!

We seem to work with you folks a lot so we maybe attract similar clients- what’s the perfect client for you? 

Our perfect client is someone who trusts us to create their vision, is open to ideas and inspiration, clients who understand florals are forever changing and are happy for us to select the best flowers for them – but of course we always ask about any favourites or personal flowers they may have.

How far in advance is it best to make a booking with you? Any booking advice?

We recommend booking 12-18 months in advance, our peak dates book up quickly especially weekends

At the time of booking you do not need to know what you want, it’s simply about securing your date and then enjoying the planning process. We then look to meet with our clients either at our studio or via zoom as many of our clients are not local to us.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

This goes back to trust your suppliers. By allowing us to have creative control you get more for your budget as we can buy the best flowers at the time.

We also recommend reusing as many of your florals as you can throughout the day. Your ceremony is normally the place where the biggest portion of your budget is spent so we then advise moving these arrangements to your reception often around your top table as this is the second most important area!

We’re really aware you do lots of cool venue styling stuff and prop hire (yay for mirrorballs)- when did you get into that? 

We decided to add the props and styling in the last few years, it’s a natural progression and makes it easier for us and the client as we have everything! It’s much more cohesive when creating an overall vision.

We are always adding to our hire range we currently have furniture, plinths, arches, rugs cushions, candles, Faux LED candles for venues that don’t allow exposed taper candles, cake stands, frames to hang signs, table numbers, tea lights and much more!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with our family – most people would think this is maybe a not so positive point but we all do really get along and all have different strengths so it creates a great work environment.

It is also great to meet with our clients and go through their wedding planning journey with them. Quite often we keep in contact with them be it they recommend us to their friends and family, they come on our workshops and quite often order anniversary flowers with us year after year, so I guess the connections that we make too.

Our wedding industry friends are also a big part of why we love our job, we have made so many great friendships over the years that we are so grateful for

Any funny stories?

Michelle is never trusted with the van keys, she often misplaces them but once she was setting out a church wedding (luckily the day before). This church had a dead lock on it so once the door was shut it was locked. We loaded all the van up after set up, closed the door and went to drive away…. Until we couldn’t find the keys and realised Michelle had left them in the church. We then had to walk a mile to the church warden to get the spare key!

Michelle is no longer in charge of keys!

Thank you Megan and the Floral sistas family for you help in making our wedding days out even more colourful and fun, we’re looking forward to working with you again this season.

If you’re looking for top drawer flowers and styling, go visit the Floral Sistas, they’re lush. Also our thanks to Happy Valley wedding venue for the foresty goodness.

If you’re planning a wedding go check out our wedding planning tips here or give us a shout here, we love to chat weddings!


    Neil Plumb

    Neil Plumb is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Norfolk. With a decade of experience, he is known for his exceptional talent in capturing heartfelt moments and genuine emotions. Neil's vibrant personality, infectious energy, and remarkable organisational skills ensure flawless execution and entertaining experiences for couples and guests alike. His unique blend of creativity and charisma makes him the perfect choice for capturing unforgettable memories filled with laughter and joy.