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Prowedaward winner – UK’s 5th best wedding photographer

Here’s a blog we hope will get updated over time, but for now… Neil is a prowedaward winner – UK’s 5th best wedding photographer. Here’s one of the photos which got him that, a ‘picture of the year’ winner.

Aren’t all wedding photographers ‘Award winning’?

Lol, yeah, that does seem to be a thing doesn’t it? We’re a bit sceptical about awards really, not all are created equal, some are bloody dreadful.

We love the ones where our past clients get to have their say, but also those which show recognition of our place in the world of wedding photography.

The best ones are where we look at the winners stuff and think ‘Jeez they’re good’!

Prowedaward brand themselves as ‘The world of wedding photographers’ and that really counts for us. These are our people in photo terms, the folks we look up to often, they’re out there doing what we do. We hate to say ‘peers’ but you get the drift right?

It’d be easy to get a bit ‘tunnel-vision’ with wedding photography, maybe shooting the same area of the world and same climate etc influence what you do when you have a camera in your hand. We really like to see what’s going on in other countries and with different customs and traditions. It helps us keep fresh and it’s also a source of new challenges!

We still get a bit envious of those who shoot in massive mountains or around Venice for instance – but we’re here representing Norfolk and East Anglia.

Knowing that other photographers also push boundaries a bit, maybe look for the not so achingly obvious photo – that’s reassuring.

2021 estimates suggest there 74.6 million pro photographers in the world with specifically around 50,000 UK wedding photographers. Being 366th globally feels cool. 5th in the UK seems incredible. I’m proper chuffed and wanted to tell you all! I’m trying to persuade Lisa to do something similar, she’s my main photo hero.

So anyway, if you’re planning a wedding and want to chat wedding stuff, contact us or go look at our blog.


    Neil Plumb

    Neil Plumb is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Norfolk. With a decade of experience, he is known for his exceptional talent in capturing heartfelt moments and genuine emotions. Neil's vibrant personality, infectious energy, and remarkable organisational skills ensure flawless execution and entertaining experiences for couples and guests alike. His unique blend of creativity and charisma makes him the perfect choice for capturing unforgettable memories filled with laughter and joy.