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Wedding expert – Immersive wedding decor with Georgia at Boomting Bunting.

Immersive venue draping and lighting is on the up, taking a basic space and making it special and unique is a great way to add to your wedding day experience. Our favourite folks for achieving that are Boomting Bunting. We spoke to Georgia, the founder and driving force behind the brand about all things ting!

Introduce yourself please Georgia!

“Hi everyone, I’m Georgia! I’m 30 and I’m the Director of Boomting Bunting! I am incredibly passionate about creating show stopping designs for all our clients and bringing something different to the world of weddings! I enjoy being upside down in yoga inversions and partying at music events when I’m not up the ladders.”

How did you get into all the immersive wedding decor stuff?

“Bored during my MAT leave, I helped my Mum make some bunting for a family wedding. To my surprise (and my Mums) I had a creative gene that nobody knew was there!

We started hiring the bunting out and soon after, enquiries came in for other types of décor. We put in hours upon hours of work, making, training and building the Boomting brand. Roping in the whole family at times. We realised that we LOVED transforming sometimes dull and boring venues and enhancing beautiful spaces was our jam.”

We seem to work with you a lot so we maybe attract similar clients- who’s the perfect client for you? 

“We do work together a lot, how lucky are we? : ) Everyone is the perfect client for me. I love both ends of the spectrum when it comes to any enquiry. Some people have no idea what they want, and I can create something for them from scratch. Other people know exactly what they want so I do everything to make sure we achieve exactly that.

Our work is so incredibly varied, some clients want to achieve a very natural aesthetic and others want bold and vibrant. That is perfect for me. I love variety and I love that my clients all have their own unique goal for their décor.”

How far in advance is it best to make a booking with you?

“I always advise people get in touch as early as possible as we can only take a certain number of bookings for each week.

I completely understand that sometimes décor is one of the last things people think to book for a wedding so we do get some enquiries for only a few months prior. I would say for the best chance of securing a booking with us, get in touch to secure your date as soon as you know you want décor. You can then figure out exactly what you want that décor to look like after, with my help. (I can give approximate prices upon booking)!”

Any booking advice?

“Always start with giving me as much information as possible regarding the venue space you would like to decorate and some ‘inspo’ images of what you would like the overall aesthetic to be.

Image references are really useful to help me understand the vibe you’re trying to create and then I can work out what design best suits the venue and what is actually possible to install.

I also need to know installation dates/times and be sure that you have a discussion with your venue so they know exactly what you have planned. (I can always liaise with the venue regarding any finer details)”

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

“I like to use a variety of fabrics in my designs to add texture and some deeper shades to add depth. It really brings the drape installations alive!”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“The best thing about my job is being able to travel all over the UK…all over the WORLD and work in some incredible spaces! So far we have worked in France, Italy and Germany and we have some other exciting projects abroad this year.

I also LOVE my team. I have some amazing Boomtingers who work with me and they all bring something different to the table. It’s amazing watching them learn and grow from one job to the next. It takes a while to be confident working at height and to create some of our amazing designs and one of my passions is teaching my team how.”

Any funny stories?

“So many funny stories, mainly from our experiences in the vans travelling hundreds of miles and from the delirium kicking in after long hours and lack of sleep. Almost all ‘you had to be there’ kinds of stories so I don’t know if they would be worth sharing haha! Every journey consists of funny dancing, singing in the van at the top of our lungs and lots of coffee.

We have installed drape backdrops at events that we have attended and proceeded to de rig at the end of the night in dresses, full glam and heels (funny to watch I can imagine). We’ve been caught up in protests in central London. Locked out of venues AND locked in venues. Locked in toilets in venues. Been absolutely drenched loading/unloading the vans. This job can be tough at times but we never fail to have a good time while we work!”

A big thanks to Georgia for sharing. We hope if you’re planning your big day and need a pro wedding decor specialist you’ll give her a shout! Here’s Georgia’s website Boomting Bunting .

For more wedding planning tips go here or contact us, we love to chat about wedding stuff!


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