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A perfectly laid back Autumnal wedding at Easton Grange

Happy bride and groom smile whilst hugging at easton grange wedding venue in suffolk

Towards the end of last year we were very privileged to cover Gemma and John’s Easton Grange wedding in Suffolk beside the beautiful River Deben. Covid had postponed the original day and luckily both Easton grange as Lisa and I were able to reschedule to be available for this lovely couple.

Bride and Groom portrait on their wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk. They are smiling and are standing under the Brides veil.

We’d been looking forward to Gemma and Johns wedding for absolutely ages as they’d been so much fun when we first met them. Though this was an Autumn wedding we were really confident in the flexibility of Easton Grange weddings with its mix of generous indoor and outdoor spaces.

So here’s Gemma and John’s big day in their own words.

Bride has her Bridesmaid fan her to keep her feeling cool whilst preparing for her wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk.

Tell us a little about yourselves

I’m a Project Manager and John is a Plumbing & Gas engineer; a handy bloke to have around especially when we completely renovated our first home together. We’ve been together now for almost 11 years.

We’ve actually known each other since school. I thought John was a bit of a chav, he thought I was a nerd. I remember one night him walking into a nightclub and it’s like he’d grown a beard and muscles overnight- the rest is history!

 Groom's Mother check he is clean and tidy ready for his  wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk.

John took me to Paris for my birthday. He’d booked an incredible hotel with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. After a day of exploring Paris we checked into our room where there was some flowers and champagne and the Eiffel Tower sparkling.

I was busy admiring the view whilst John was frantically searching for the ring in his suitcase. I turned around and there he was on one knee!

Bridesmaid and Groom talk before the ceremony at his wedding in Suffolk.

What was your vision for your wedding day?

We always wanted an Autumnal Wedding. We love the colours and wanted something a bit different. Having all our friends and family there to share the day was also so important.

We started planning almost immediately- and then Covid came along and ruined it all. We were meant to get married in October 2020 but it didn’t end up happening until October 2021 so we had a much longer planning period than most. At times it was difficult to keep the momentum going but we are so glad we waited and had the Suffolk wedding day we always wanted.

Bride and her bridesmaid pretend to be a pop group whilst in their dressing gowns and preparing for her Easton Grange wedding in Suffolk.

Tell us a little bit about the planning process for your wedding

We actually agreed on everything. As soon as the venue was booked Lisa & Neil were the first supplier we booked. I’d followed their Instagram for a while and HAD to have them. They were so supportive through Covid and the postponements.

I’m also flower obsessed so deciding on Lucy at LB Floral was also a quick decision. Finding a DJ Sax Player and Bongos that were within budget and a reasonable travel distance was a challenge but Conga Revolution were incredible; especially for our friends who love the Dance floor!

Groom wait for his Bride on their wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk.

Tell us about your ceremony

Everyone commented on how lovely and laid back our ceremony was and that it set the tone for the rest of the day. Johns sister did a lovely reading which made the whole thing more personal. I got a bit emotional because I couldn’t quite believe after all the postponements it was finally happening!

Bride and Groom portrait on their wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk. The Brides Father has just escorted her to the ceremony and their faces are a little nervous looking!
Bride and Groom kiss at the end of their ceremony on their wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk. Their family and friends applaud enthusiastically.

What is your most memorable moment of your Easton Grange wedding?

John says his most memorable moment is seeing me walking down the aisle (cute)! I loved being announced as Mr and Mrs Ely into the celebration barn. We both also said how incredible it was to sit at the top table and see a room full of the people we love after such a difficult couple of years for everyone.

Bride and Groom portrait on their wedding day at Easton Grange in Suffolk. They are overwhelmed by their family and friends throwing lots of colourful confetti made from flower petals.
Guests smile as the wedding couple pass them after confetti is thrown, several take photos of the couple with their mobile phones or cameras.
A Groom hugs a friend after his wedding ceremony whilst family members look on and smile.
A guest is fed a canape by a friend whilst others look on at this Easton Grange wedding reception.

What made you laugh on the day?

The Dance Floor was pretty wild! There’s a bit of a tradition with friends that at the end of the night we play ‘Zorba the Greek’ and all attempt (very badly) to do some Greek Dancing. Everyone had John and I in chairs lifting us up; I’m surprised there were no injuries!!

All the family of the bride and groom are together in this wedding photograph but they are not formal, waving, throwing poses and laughing at the camera.
Easton Grange wedding reception as guests relax in the courtyard area after the ceremony.
Easton Grange wedding reception as guests relax in the courtyard area after the ceremony.

What’s your favourite photo from your Easton Grange wedding day and why?

I’m honestly not sure I could pick. I love them all because they tell a story. The photos under my veil look incredible; I remember thinking at the time ‘this is random’. Some of my favourites though are the natural ones of us and our friends and family having a great time!! We’ve had so many compliments on our Wedding Photos, booking Lisa and Neil is honestly the best thing we could have done.

Bride and Groom portrait on the bridge across the River Deben at Easton grange wedding venue. They are holding hands and looking towards the camera with the leading lines of the bridge handrail extending towards the camera.
Bride and groom in the valley of the river Deben. In this portrait they are about to kiss and the Bride's veil is blowing across the camera in a soft cloud effect.

If you could plan and redo your wedding again, is there anything you would do differently?

Get married earlier in the day so it could have lasted even longer!

A groomsman heckles the best mans speech after dinner.
Top table at a wedding laugh and applaud at the end of the best mans speech.
Top table during the best mans speech at a wedding. The Groom is laughing awkwardly whilst everyone else if laughing uncontrollably at a joke.
A Bride and Groom laugh whilst holding sparklers and walking between rows of their family and friends who also hold lit sparklers. It is dark and we are at the courtyard area wedding venue in Suffolk.

Gemma and John’s Google review

What we love about Lisa and Neil is that their photos tell a story; they capture moments and emotions so perfectly. From the moment we met them we felt at ease and they were so supportive during lockdown and postponements. We’ve had so many compliments from friends and family on our photographs. We’re 4 weeks on and I still look through them every day.

A couple hold each others outstretched arms and stare loving at each other towards the end of the first dance at their wedding at Easton grange In Suffolk. Around them their family and friends have joined the dancefloor and the lighting is moody and romantic. A neon sign to the right says 'All you need is love'.

If you’re planning an Easton Grange wedding, get in touch, we’d love to be there!

Easton grange is a solid favourite of ours, we love to shoot there and it holds a solid position in our blog for best wedding venues. You’ll also find us listed as one of Easton’s approved suppliers. Contact us here to chat.

Easton Grange celebration barn as the dancefloor warms up.
Easton Grange celebration barn as the dancefloor warms up. A guest dancing drops a full splits manoeuvre and the bride and her guests laugh in response.

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