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Easton grange wedding venue. Kelly and Matt rock it!

Couple portrait at Easton grange wedding

Easton Grange wedding venue has been a firm favourite of ours for years. We rate it for all sorts of reasons and it’s been in our top 10 wedding venues list forever! Two of the reasons not listed in the blog are Jasmine and Jo who pull off literally the best planning and admin in the business. They are lush!

So here’s the story of Kelly and Matt on their biggest day at Easton Grange, their words, our photos.

Kelly and Matt – Tell us about yourselves.

Well, we met on a First Aid course. I had to bring Matt back to life, he really played the patient role very well! We bonded over saving each others lives, a whole lot of bandage and an Annie doll!

Any unusual facts we should know?

I (Kelly) am an Area Manager in Profit Protection for a very well known retail company. When Matt put this into an occupation job title box to declare I am a named driver on his car, he went with field worker because I told him I work in the field. The papers came through… Apparently this meant simply I am a farmer and I work in a field, so know I am known as farmer Kelly to the car company! I like it.

How was the proposal?

Matt was clever and used the dog (my other love of my life). We were having our ‘Christmas day’ on the 28th as this is normally the day we get to spend just us, in our first home together. He disappeared with the dog, which I did think was odd. She came running over with a heart bauble around her neck (as if to say, get this off me now!). Inside was the most beautiful ring and Matt was on his knee behind her. It was so cute… I couldn’t cope, made a joke out of it and said no. I then realised that’s not funny to him in that moment, I quickly retracted and said YES of course, and quickly before he could change his mind haha.

What was the plan for your day at Easton grange wedding venue?

We wanted laugher, fun, lots of food and drink and lots of bright happy colours all around. December 28th we were engaged, venue, food, drink and photographers were all booked by end of February. We had a year to plan after that which was perfect. We then got moved to October because of Covid but actually really loved that extra time to add little touches… Like a gin bar haha.

How did you prioritise your wedding planning?

Venue, food, drink, photographer. That was our priority list. Honestly once these are sorted, everything else comes easier. We were so lucky to have secured Neil and Lisa twice as our wedding date had to be moved! We now have memories that will last a lifetime and parts of the day we didn’t even get a chance to see or notice because it goes so quick. It’s so amazing having all that coverage and seeing so many natural fun photos that make our tummies hurt from laughter. We struggled initially with confetti – each time we met Neil and Lisa and showed them how much confetti we had thinking… that’s got to be enough now, they will be so chuffed! Nope, more! We showed them, eventually ??(L&N Agreed, solid confetti effort).

Did you enjoy your ceremony?

We had the scintillo quartet play for us and it was so romantic. The flower girls (our two 6 year old Nieces) dropped petals for the bridal party to walk in with. It was so lovely, relaxed and fun, the guests were laughing and crying with us, it couldn’t of been nicer. The venue was stunning and our wedding planner could not have been better. Thanks Jo!! Seeing Matt at the altar was magical and so lovely. We clocked eyes straight away and then I had tunnel vision.

What made you laugh on the day?

So many things! One moment in particular jumps out, introducing the dog to Lisa and Neil properly and we were trying to have a cute photo with our little family (the dog and us of course). Minnie (the dog) literally was fixed on trying to lick Matt’s face. We literally just couldn’t really get any because she was just so determined to get a tongue in his mouth ??. This isn’t rare, but she is funny.

Did you cry?

Yes, when seeing each other at the ceremony. Very emotional but lovely. Speeches of course, they smashed it. Also we cried with laughter when we noticed a wedding guest, collecting all the plates up from their table, and then beginning to take the into the kitchen! Halfway through the dinner. The face of the staff were in shock and not impressed at all ?.

What was your fave photo from your Easton grange wedding venue day?

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

Probably we’d decorate the venue more, we overlooked that a bit. Be more selfish about what we want. Try to have lost that 2 stone we both put on over lockdown, but chin rolls made the laughter pictures even more funny!

Advice… Chill out! Don’t over think the day, it’s about you both getting married and one hell of a celebration with those that mean the world to you. Don’t invite people because you feel you have to.

Big thanks to Kelly and matt for having us there to share a lovely day out. Here’s their review.

‘Neil and Lisa, the photos are fantastic, me and Matt have laughed so much and also really felt the love and happiness from the day and been able to relive those memories through your pictures. You got them across so quickly and we have so many friends asking for your details as you managed to make us all look more beautiful!

We had the best day and was so glad that we chose you to spend the day with us. You’re great fun, so down to earth, friendly and uniquely creative.Thank you x1000. Love to you both.

We also brought an album and so glad we did, can’t wait to flick through with the family.’

If you’re planning a wedding at Easton grange wedding venue, give us a shout here we’d love to hear all about it. You can find a heap of other wedding tips and advice on our blog.