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A black and white photograph of the frontage of Hengrave Hall in Suffolk. This wedding portrait shows a bride in white lace dress with a long veil, stood in the grand carved stone entrance to the hall. In the foreground her new husband has run into the frame on the right and made a spectacular jump. He is shown mid air in a crazy dynamic pose. The bride is laughing at him.

Hengrave Hall wedding with Joe and Alex

We’ve always enjoyed a good Hengrave Hall wedding, it’s a great venue nestled on the outskirts of our hometown in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. They always strike the balance between [...]
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Relaxed tipi wedding in Suffolk

Antonia and Josh had a lovely, relaxed tipi wedding in Suffolk. They’re childhood sweethearts who met at County Upper in Suffolk and have been together ever since. They love motorbiking, [...]
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