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Copdock Hall wedding | Leanne and Mike | Suffolk wedding

Leanne and Mike are ace. Funny, modest and clever, these two teachers were an absolute pleasure to be around. Here’s their Copdock Hall Suffolk wedding with our photos and their words.

So, when and how and who please Leanne and Mike.

We’re Leanne and Mike. We’re both teachers, although that’s not how we met. We enjoy spending time with our Son and soaking up all the family time we can. Our first encounter was at school, middle school to be precise and we dated then and again years later at Sixth form. Third time lucky we dated during our uni days, that time stuck and the rest is history. Our wedding was early August 2022 at Rougham Church then on to Copdock hall, Suffolk for our reception.

Tell us about the proposal.

It was our anniversary. We’d just moved into our first home together and Mike produced a treasure hunt around the house and garden of clues and questions. I had scratch the correct answer to questions and that would then lead to the next card. At the end I scratched off a dodgy drawing of a ring. I turned round and there he was on one knee!

What was the vision for your Suffolk wedding?

We were very relaxed about the whole wedding. We just wanted one big party during Summer where we could get our friends and family together and do plenty of celebrating! Something minimalist where the venue would be the star and it look really natural and simple.

When did you start planning your Copdock Hall Suffolk wedding?

Well… good old Covid has a lot to answer for here! Engaged in Summer 2018 and most things booked and organised by early 2019. We got some gentle nudging from the bride’s little sister who wanted to get things moving. Just didn’t happen to finally marry until Summer 2022. Although this didn’t mean any more planning, suppliers were great at rearranging and it was just the extra long waiting game.

Did you enjoy the planning process?

It was very relaxed really. We did our research, visited Copdock Hall and knew that was it for us. We aren’t ones for looking for the sake of looking. Next biggun’ was our photographers, we were over the moon when they were available and snapped Lisa and Neil up. When our wedding was re-arranged for the third time we chose a date purely because they were available. So that sealed August 6th 2022 for us. We didn’t struggle with anything else.

We decided that planning which took lots of deliberation, probably didn’t matter and we didn’t bother with it! The only bonus of a ‘covid delayed’ wedding was the change from a DJ to band, this was Mike’s one major decision for the wedding and it was a completely right! We felt this was one of the things that made such a difference. The dance floor was always busy and it just created such a fun evening reception. So many people talked to us afterwards about how much they loved them.

Any planning blunders?

Other than having had three dates, two reschedules and a pandemic between? No, it was plain sailing. (To avoid planning blunders go check out our planning tips in the blog)

Tell us about your ceremony.

Our ceremony was at Rougham Church, as this was in the Bride’s childhood village. It meant a lot as previous family christenings, weddings and funerals had been held there. So to have it there was so special. Our Reverend Tiffer had the best singing voice and made the hymns!

Best moment of the wedding?

This is pretty impossible question to pinpoint, but something we both really enjoyed was the couple photoshoot at Copdock Hall in the vineyard. We felt so relaxed and we loved every minute, even though we’re not normally ‘picture people’. It gave us some lovely 1-1 time before the madness of mingling with guests.

What made you laugh on the day?

Speeches! Not remembering we had a dummy layer in the cake and trying to cut it… and obviously failing miserably.

Any tears?

We’re not criers and I don’t think either of us did cry at all! We were too happy to finally become husband and wife on attempt number 3.

Do you have a favourite photo from the day?

One of the Copdock vineyard shots where you can see us at a distance, it shows the stunning venue and how much of a gorgeous day it was and it reminds us of a quieter part of our day when it was just us.

If you had a re-do your Suffolk wedding, what would be different?

No changes, no regrets. Wedding day number 3 allowed us to have our Son there celebrating with us and the most beautiful sun-filled day! Attempt 1 and 2 would have been a wash out.

Leanne and Mike left us a brilliant Google review

‘We can’t thank Lisa and Neil enough for everything they brought to our day. Not only were our photos amazing, but their expertise, sense of humour, and guidance enhanced everything about the day. Lots of friends and family spoke very highly of their interactions with Lisa and Neil, even saying it made the wedding!

We were worried that having our couple photographs taken would be awkward, but thanks to the way Lisa and Neil guided us through it, this honestly felt like the most special part of the day. Their manner set us completely at ease. W felt so relaxed and it allowed us to enjoy the most intimate part of the reception. All of their photos are wonderfully spontaneous and natural, nothing ever felt or looks staged in any of the photos. We also received our photos back in less than a week, which allowed us to relive these moments and see parts of the day that we missed. We can’t recommend them highly enough! You won’t find a better duo!’

If you’re planning a Copdock Hall Suffolk wedding and need a Suffolk wedding photographer, give us a shout, we’d love to hear all about it.


    Neil Plumb

    Neil Plumb is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Norfolk. With a decade of experience, he is known for his exceptional talent in capturing heartfelt moments and genuine emotions. Neil's vibrant personality, infectious energy, and remarkable organisational skills ensure flawless execution and entertaining experiences for couples and guests alike. His unique blend of creativity and charisma makes him the perfect choice for capturing unforgettable memories filled with laughter and joy.