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A Dairy barns Hickling wedding with Elizabeth and John.

newlywed couple portrait at dairy bar hickling

Just down the road from where we used to live in the beautiful Norfolk broads we spent the day with a lovely couple and their guests at the cutest venue. Dairy Barns Hickling is a bit of a gem really. We love the Norfolk Broads and having your wedding in a national park plus right beside the Norfolk Coast has to be a winner.

The venue has lots of accommodation if you want to make a weekend of it and for travelling guests. Other highlights that aren’t so obvious is the amount of sheltered or covered space in the case the weather misbehaves.

Read all about Elizabeth and John’s Dairy barn Hickling wedding. Words by the couple, we did the photos.

How did you meet?

“We’d known each other for around 6-7 years before getting together. John was best man and Elizabeth was bridesmaid at Elizabeth’s sisters wedding in 2015. In 2020 we became godparents at Elizabeth’s nieces christening. It was at this christening we started talking and the rest is history!”

Tell us about the proposal.

“I had the ring for a few weeks and decided that New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to propose. At the stroke of midnight, I got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth if she would make me the happiest man alive. (As luck would have it Skyfall was on TV and Elizabeth is a huge James Bond nerd!) and thankfully she said yes! (She didn’t let me finish my full proposal, she said yes straight away!)”

What was your plan for your Dairy barns Hickling wedding?

We were planning for a rustic wedding with a relaxed atmosphere where we and our guests could be themselves! Planning started in March 2021 and we completed everything one year later!

Our main concerns which we aimed to plan/book first were the venue, photographers and the registrar. (Due to COVID) Getting all three booked for the same day proved challenging! We eventually found a date all three were available! Getting suitable colour shirts for John and his best men proved difficult as the design of the tweed suit was hard to match to. The venue was extremely easy to choose as we both fell in love with it straight away! The planning and organisation of the venue hosts on the day made our wedding perfect!

(Lisa and Neil say – big shout out to Hannah the boss at Dairy barns, legend!)

WHat was your most memorable moment of the day?

Of course, saying our vows and becoming husband and wife was very memorable. The other memory that sticks in our minds the most was the absolutely crazy confetti run that we did with an enormous amount of confetti! (And captured some priceless photos too!)

What made you laugh, or cry!

For John, his Dad leaving the price tag on his jacket and Neil spotting it and calling him a typical Northerner was hilarious! For Elizabeth, her nephew throwing the whole confetti bag at her dress (And getting a priceless photo of this!) despite him being told how to throw the confetti bits!!

John’s sister couldn’t make it to the ceremony but came to see us in the morning and they shared an emotional moment!

What were your favourite photos?

All of our photos are completely priceless and amazing for their own reasons, whether that be children being children, or us playing in the road and having fun, but also the more serious family photos! A favourite photo for Elizabeth is one of her and her good friend sharing a toast after the ceremony.

If you could change anything, would you?

Not really! Everything went so perfectly and as planned. The venue hosts were fantastic and Lisa and Neil were amazing! We didn’t have to worry about anything!

A big “thank you” to Elizabeth and John taking to time to share their wedding with us.

‘Most amazing photographers we could have asked for on our wedding day, put us both totally at ease and took such brilliant photos, we were bowled over.’

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Dairy barns Hickling is included of course in our guide to the best Norfolk wedding venues. If you’re planning a wedding go take a look at our wedding planning tips blog and please do contact us to chat weddings!


    Neil Plumb

    Neil Plumb is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Norfolk. With a decade of experience, he is known for his exceptional talent in capturing heartfelt moments and genuine emotions. Neil's vibrant personality, infectious energy, and remarkable organisational skills ensure flawless execution and entertaining experiences for couples and guests alike. His unique blend of creativity and charisma makes him the perfect choice for capturing unforgettable memories filled with laughter and joy.