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Bruisyard Hall wedding – Suzanne and Chris go mad in the country.

Bridal party hurl bouquets at Neil from Lisa and Neil wedding photography at a Bruisyard Hall wedding

A Bruisyard Hall wedding is always good news. Whether it’s our marketing or Bruisyard’s marketing, the couples who book their weddings there just seem very easy going and comfortable people to be around. We have a great day out whilst covering them having a great day out. Win! Here’s our coverage of Suzanne and Chris’s wedding, hope you enjoy!

bride smiles while her make up is applied during getting ready at Bruisyard hall wedding venue in suffolk
Groom caught snacking at bruisyard hall wedding venue in suffolk

Why we love a Bruisyard Hall wedding.

We really ought to point out one of the many reasons we really rate a Bruisyard hall wedding. Couples often book our duo offering to grab nice photos of the getting ready process. That works really well when both Bride and Groom have space and privacy to do the traditional ‘separate’ thing but in the same location. Overall it makes things easier for us sure but the key ingredient to the plan is that all the family and friends of the couple can interact with them easily and freely. We could probably have just said ‘relaxed and comfy atmosphere’ to describe all that, but we hope you get what we mean?

Brides Mum peeks in to see her Daughter getting married at Bruisyard hall
A Bride at Bruisyard Hall is getting ready for her wedding, she turns to see a visitor entering the room. She is sat in front of a large window and she is smiling.
Groom getting ready at Bruisyard hall carries out a covid 19 test before the ceremony takes place

Just in reference to the a couple of photos above – Covid 19 was still a feature of Suffolk weddings in 2022. Though restrictions had been lifted post-lockdown there were still folks who were vulnerable. Couples often had testing as part of their wedding plans. Looking at the photos jogs the memory as those things become less and less common. We often wonder about the children of our couples and later generations of their family looking through their wedding photos. It’s wonderful they’ll get a real feel for how the couple, their family and the world looked at that time.

bridesmaid in her dressing gown is sitting on a four poster bed at bruisyard hall in suffolk. We see the out of focus bride to the photos left border as she has make up applied.
Groomsmen have a tipple for Dutch courage at a bruisyard hall wedding
Groom finishes dressing fo rhis bruisyard hall wedding. He's looking in the mirror and adjusting his shirt.
flower girls wait patiently for the bride to get ready at bruisyard hall in suffolk

Bruisyard Hall wedding facts.

We should say a little about Bruisyard Hall really. Its full title is ‘country estate’ so that’s the hall itself and its grounds (700 acres!) and the converted barn. The barn is thoughtfully and carefully laid out to accommodate weddings. There’s accommodation onsite for 28 guests and room in the Barn’s banqueting hall for up to 140 bums on seats. Having been there lots over 10 years we’ve had a chance to see just about everything the Bruisyard folks do. Always Bruisyard has been top banana for quality, service and friendliness. Bruisyard Hall has a place in our Top 10 wedding venues blog (it’s actually number three on the list).

Bridesmaids, flowers girls and the Brides Mum make their way from the hall to the bard for the ceremony at a Bruisyard Hall wedding

Some of you will know we’re not huge fans of ‘wedding cars’. One clear exception to that is when the car belongs to the Brides Dad. Another exception is when it’s a cool red French stunner like Suzanne’s Dad has.

Singing registrars?

It can’t be coincidental that the only three registrar led services which have ever had singing, have been at Bruisyard Hall weddings! Weirdly wonderful as nobody really expects it. Each occasion everyone has had a banging good time too. It might be the influence of Suffolk registration folks maybe? Whatever the case, we all sang ‘Can’t take my eyes off of you’ by Andy Williams, it was epic.

Hopefully and especially if you’re planning a Bruisyard Hall wedding you’ll be getting a good idea of how spacious the venue is already but also the flow of the place. It really gives a wedding day a lift if things stay uncluttered and dedicated spaces do their ‘thing’ and then the party moves on. Easier for couples and their guests and also for the venue staff who have space to work. Coming up you’ll see Suzanne and Chris’s family photos shot out on the grass in beautiful Suffolk sunshine. At Bruisyard Hall, all that space and flow means we could respond to a thunderstorm by shooting those in the dance floor/ceremony area or in the dining area.

We’ll probably do a seperate blog soon about formal family photos, it’s a wedding photography perennial thang. However, you can be sure we have our own take on making that part of the day painless and fun plus quick. We get all the important stuff off the couples list of course but often we find the fun photos occur in the gaps in-between those!

About time for a few portraits then? It was a fun session as Suzanne and Chris are really outgoing friendly and very funny people but also ever so modest, maybe a tiny bit shy? Anyway, we all had fun and got the photos.

Golden dinner and speeches.

Barn weddings sometimes suffer a bit with lighting during dining. Big spaces from the 17th Century often don’t convert easily for windows and light etc. Bruisyard’s dining area has better light than many barns but for speeches the setting Sun angles itself perfectly to give a golden glow and makes everything feel a bit magic. We love it.

Credit to all those who made speeches and the guests who made a perfect audience, genuinely we all had a hoot and then everyone chilled out for an hour chatting and really enjoying the atmosphere before the evening fun kicked off.

Ceilidh fun!

Ceilidhs are the next best thing after alcohol to encourage dancing at weddings. A good Ceilidh band will entertain and support folks to the point that without knowing it, they become mad good dancers. We’ve seen it happen loads of times and Bruisyard Hall seems to have it’s fair share of these brilliant dance bands. Well worth looking into if you need a party idea for the evening.

If you’re planning a Bruisyard hall wedding, give us a shout, we’d love to hear all about it.


    Lisa Plumb

    Lisa Plumb is an accomplished wedding photographer with 10 years of experience specializing in documentary-style photography. She has received numerous accolades, including the "Best Wedding Photographer in Norfolk" award from Muddy Stilettos and the title of "Most Kickass Wedding Photographer in the World" in 2018 by Lookslikefilm. Known for her ability to capture authentic and candid moments, Lisa's talent and artistic vision make her a sought-after choice for couples looking to immortalize their special day. Additionally, Lisa utilizes her skills in SEO content writing to help businesses establish their online presence and reach a wider audience.