Our best bits of 2020 (including weddings and lockdown madness)

Every year Neil puts together our 'best of video'... but 2020 didn't pan out like all the other years! Covid 19 changed everything.

Just about every wedding was cancelled as lockdowns hit and we joined our clients on a rollercoaster of rescheduling and replanning. There some tears. and this year, not all of them were happy ones.

In the gaps between the harshest lockdowns, some couples squeezed in a micro wedding and we gratefully took those jobs with a view to do whatever we could to make them epic. Sometimes having to shoot through a window from outside the ceremony even.

It was weird and wonderful.

So this year Lisa decided she'd do an extra video 'the-whole-of-2020-in-chronological-order' including personal photos and of course, cats. We both liked it so much we thought we'd show both!

We wanted to take this as an opportunity to say 'thank you' to our couples. Thank you for being awesome and kind and genuine. With different couples, 2020 could easily have broken us, but we're still here and can't wait for all the good things to come when you get married.

2020 in chronological order

'Best of' wedding video

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