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Golden hour Happisburgh beach engagement shoot

We’ve been enjoying the freedom to go out and shoot (carefully) since the lock-down has lifted a little. It’s given us a real lift too, making cool photos whilst having a giggle with nice folks. Last Saturday we met Hope and Chris for a Happisburgh beach engagement shoot.

engaged couple hug near sea defences at Happisburgh beach

Where did you meet?
‘In our final year at Loughborough University, we attended a birthday dinner of a mutual friend. We noticed each other that evening and a few weeks later had our first date at a local cocktail bar (The Orange Tree – they do the best toblerone Martini’s!).’

engaged couple sit on sea defences at happisburgh beach in norfolk, they look at each other and smile

The proposal?
‘It happened on our holiday to Thailand. We’d stayed a night in a beautiful elephant sanctuary. Feeding and bathing the elephants was an amazing experience! We learnt lots about elephants for example an average adult eats 150kg of food a day! More than our weight combined! As the sun was beginning to set we went back to our accommodation embedded in the forest. Chris got down on one knee. It was a yes! We were both extremely happy and excited and went to the bar to celebrate with a couple of Chang’s.’

engaged hold hands and pull funny faces at happisburgh beach in norfolk

This engagement shoot malarkey, how did that work out for you?
‘Excited about doing the engagement shoot but feeling a little nervous too! It’s not an everyday thing for us to have photographers following us around! It was a beautiful evening and the beach setting was perfect. Within a few minutes and after chatting with Lisa and Neil, our nerves went away. We really enjoyed the experience of our Happisburgh beach engagement shoot and it felt romantic. We’re glad we did it and were left feeling that we now can’t wait for the wedding.’

engaged couple in profile kiss in a barley field at happisburgh in norfolk

Which photo is your favourite?
‘Chris: My favourite is the one on the dunes at Happisburgh beach, I’m laughing at something I can’t remember now and looking at Hope. It really captures the emotion and we spend a lot of our time laughing together.
Hope: There are too many favourites to choose from! I think one of my best ones is where I’m cuddled up with Chris and looking out at the sea together. It was a peaceful moment and felt very natural. ‘

engaged couple sit on sea defences at happisburgh beach in norfolk, they look  out to sea and hug

So where is the big day happening?
‘We’re getting married at Haughley Park Barn – Summer of 2021 and we can’t wait! We both really enjoyed looking at all the different venues. It was hard to choose but we feel we went for the perfect one for us. We’ve started planning the menus and very much look forward to doing the tastings!’

engaged couple  at happisburgh beach in norfolk, they are facing each other while standing and holding hands. They lean forward to kiss.

What are you looking forward to most on the day?
Chris ‘It’s a bit of a cliche, but the part of the wedding I’m most looking forward to is turning around and seeing Hope walk down the aisle.’

couple kiss to celebrate their engagement in a barley field at happisburgh in norfolk

Hope: ‘I think the moment I will enjoy most is after we have just got married, and walk back down the aisle together Husband and Wife. Seeing all our lovely friends and family and sharing that moment with them will be very special.’

couple pull funny faces during their engagement shoot at cart gap in norfolk. They are standing near the lifeboat shed.

If you’re planning a Norfolk Coast engagement shoot, give us a shout, we love them!


    Lisa Plumb

    Lisa Plumb is an accomplished wedding photographer with 10 years of experience specializing in documentary-style photography. She has received numerous accolades, including the "Best Wedding Photographer in Norfolk" award from Muddy Stilettos and the title of "Most Kickass Wedding Photographer in the World" in 2018 by Lookslikefilm. Known for her ability to capture authentic and candid moments, Lisa's talent and artistic vision make her a sought-after choice for couples looking to immortalize their special day. Additionally, Lisa utilizes her skills in SEO content writing to help businesses establish their online presence and reach a wider audience.