Pole Fitness Photoshoot


We can't wait to meet you and we're really excited! Please scroll down to book a slot with us. If you would like an hour slot then book two slots (it will say it's longer than an hour but don't worry) 🙂

Half hour slots are £40. Hour slots are £70 and includes an outfit change.

Both include all the best images we take available digitally (with no watermarks and in high resolution). A print licence is also included so you can get your photos printed wherever you like but you can get them printed with us if you choose; products are available from the online gallery.

All photo will be professionally edited but we will not alter your bodies or retouch your skin. We think you're all beautiful just as you are. We will pose you and take photos from flattering angles and you will be able to look at your photos knowing that you really do look that good and we've not committed any Photoshop crimes. If you would like your skin retouched, this will be available at £10 per photo.

If you would prefer Neil wasn't present or if you have any questions, then please leave them in the message box at the end.